AX30 Charge Grip

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Designed with ergonomics in mind, VoltEdge’s new AX30 Charge Grip and Store tackles the key issue of cramped hands when using the Joy-Con™. By angling out the grip, the hands are set at a natural angle allowing for more comfortable play. Furthermore, the AX30 was built with a detachable grip that allows users to give the Joy-Con™ a traditional controller feel. The charge model brings in the ability to play and charge the Joy-Con with the included 10’ cable. The center compartment of the grip can also store up to 4 Nintendo Switch™ cartridges and an SD card for extra memory.

Built for comfort and made to let you play it your way.

Play It – keep hands at a natural angle for long-lasting comfort.
Grip It – attach the grip for a true controller feel.
Charge It – keep the Joy-Con fully charged with the included 10‘ cable
Store It – holds 4 Nintendo Switch™ game cartridges & SD card for quick access.

Retail Package Contents: AX30 Grip & Store, Quick Start Guide

Additional information

Product Dimensions

7.65’’ H X 4.8’’ W X 2.5’’ D

Item Weight

12 oz.

Shipping Weight

12 oz.






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